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      kèo nhà cái trực tuyến euro

      MP for Calgary Shepard

      Tom Kmiec was born in Poland and immigrated to Canada in the mid-1980s. Tom is serving his third term on behalf of the residents of Calgary Shepard. He is the former national conservative caucus chairman in the 43rd Parliament and served previously on the finance and foreign affairs committees, the two most high-profile parliamentary committees. Tom has championed greater awareness for persons with rare disorders as well as tax fairness for persons with disabilities through his private member's bill that would improve accessibility to the disability tax credit. He has also worked on legislation governing equalization and transfers as well as bereavement leave for parents of underage children. He studied at Concordia University in Montreal and obtained a Master's degree from Regent University in Virginia, USA. He has served for cabinet ministers both provincially and federally. He is a past policy manager with the Calgary Chamber of... Keep Reading